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English Translation of Neftekhimiya

Dear author,

Starting in 2005, Pleiades Publishing, Inc., the publisher of the English version of this journal, will conclude copyright transfer agreements with the authors of papers accepted for publication.

To simplify your interaction with the editorial board, please fill in two copies of the copyright transfer agreement and submit them together with the manuscript. This is an adhesion agreement.


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The copyright transfer agreement (2 copies) properly filled and signed can be submitted to the editorial board of the journal personally or:

  • by post
  • by e-mail (PDF file) or fax; the original must be subsequently mailed by post.

Instructions to Authors Preparing Manuscripts for the Neftekhimiya (Petroleum Chemistry) Journal


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The editorial board of Petroleum Chemistry requires that manuscripts submitted for publishing should conform to the following rules.

  1. A manuscript should be submitted in electronic form, 1.5 spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font. Pages should be numbered throughout the manuscript including the text, tables, figures and references.
  2. The heading should follow be as shown below.
    List of authors
    Affiliations and addresses
    e-mail addresses
    Abstract - 1 spaced
    Key words - 1 spaced
  3. The volume of article is about 12 pages as a whole.
  4. The manuscript should clearly and concisely describe the state of the art and finally the aim of paper, disclose experimental procedures used in the study, and present a discussion of the results. The title should comprehensively reflect the contents of the article. In the main text, the following section headings should be used: Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, References.
  5. The International System of units (SI) should be used. In computational studies, the creators of programs should be indicated. When naming chemical compounds, the IUPAC recommendations should be followed.
  6. Numerical data should be tabulated. Tables must be included in the text.
  7. Figures should be at least 5 × 6 cm in size, but not larger than 18 × 24 cm, only in black-white colors. Figures and captions should be included along the text. The number of Figures should be about 5.
  8. Cited literature should be compiled on a separate page under the heading REFERENCES at the end of the manuscript. All references should be given in their original languages, except those in Japanese, Chinese, or other languages using a non-Roman alphabet (which should be transliterated). References should be numbered consecutively in the order of their appearance in the text. Two or more references under the same number or one cited work under different numbers are not allowed. In the text references are indicated in square brackets [1]. The list of references in references should be numbered without square brackets (1, 2, 3...).

The following are citation examples.


       Zeolites and Catalysis: Synthesis, Reactions and Applications, Ed. by J. Cejka, A. Corma, and S. Zones (Wiley–VCH, Weinheim, 2010).

       Ch. Baerlocher, L. B. McCusker, and D. H. Olson, Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types (Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2007).


       J. M. Lehn, Pure Appl. Chem. 49, 839 (1977).

       J. A. Martens, P. Grobet, and P. Jacobs, J. Catal. 126, 299 (1990).


       W. J. Thompson and D. R. Albert, US Patent No. 7 430 020 (1975).


Together with the manuscript, the authors should submit completed, signed by all authors, and scanned copy of the copyright transfer agreement.

For each submitted manuscript, the authors are kindly requested to specify the first name, patronymic, and surname; address; telephone (with city codes) and fax numbers; and the e-mail of the corresponding author.

Address for correspondence: Petroleum Chemistry Editorial Board, Leninskii pr. 29, Moscow, 119991 Russia; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..